Help us preserve the history of Finnish America by rescuing the Finnish American Heritage Center

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Dear Friends of Finnish America:

Over the last six months, the trustees of Finlandia Foundation National acted to protect the cultural and historical assets of the Finnish American Heritage Center (FAHC) in Hancock, Michigan.

In our 70 years of existence, Finlandia Foundation had never faced a challenge such as the situation that arose in March of 2023, when Finlandia University announced its closing. It put into jeopardy the fate of the university-housed collection we call the Smithsonian of Finnish America.

To preserve and acquire this history was a huge undertaking and a leap of faith for a non-profit organization such as ours. The FFN board determined that this move was completely in synch with the very mission of Finlandia Foundation, which is to honor our roots while connecting with contemporary Finland.

Fiercely Finnish since 1953, we champion our culture and heritage across the United States by supporting educational opportunities and promoting diverse, relevant and enriching programs.

We have been heartened to hear from so many who want to be a part of this effort to preserve the irreplaceable archives and artifacts that tell the story of Finnish America.


Finlandia Foundation National

Deadline: 11:59 P.M. PST on FEBRUARY 1, 2024.

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