Nordic-style Christmas shines at Fogelbo log home

By: Janet Eastman | The Oregonian/OregonLive Nov. 26, 2023

The fabled 1938 Fogelbo log home in Southwest Portland, which holds one of the largest private collections of Nordic antiques and folk art in the United States, is dressed up for the December holidays. Tickets to this year’s tours of the chalet-style house, handmade by the Steiner family of carpenters and stonemasons, have sold out, but 2024 tours are scheduled for March, May, October and December.

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Clatsop Country Cultural Coalition Grant

Finlandia Foundation Columbia-Pacific Chapter (FFCPC) gratefully acknowledges the $1000 grant from the Clatsop Country Cultural Coalition to winterize the historic Lindgren Cabin. We thank the members of the Cultural Coalition for helping preserve this historic cabin, an ax-hewn 24-40’ cabin constructed out of Oregon Red Cedar in the late 1920s by Erik Lindgren, a Swedish Finn.” The original site was at Soapstone Creek in the Hamlet area, and in 1968 there was an agreement between the Oregon Department of Forestry and Clatsop County to relocate The Lindgren Cabin to Cullaby Lake Park. The cabin is open for viewing to the public on the weekends between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. FFCPC also thanks the Astoria Lodge and Ryan Prochaska (Historic Preservation, CCC) for helping us maintain the cabin and volunteering as cabin hosts during the summer.

Finns in the News highlights Väino Koskela

(2021) In our ongoing effort to highlight local Finns, episode 2 is about Väino Koskela, a veteran of the Winter War. You can view the interview here. Thanks to Adam Perkiömäki for his work on this video.

Veikko Valli, Honorary Consul of Finland in Oregon

(10-2021) Mr. Veikko Valli appointed as Honorary Consul of Finland in Oregon. Read more about Mr. Valli and his appointment here.

Aune E. Koski Scholarship Recipient

Katja Erringer, a member of FFCPC, is the 2021 recipient of Finlandia Foundation National’s Aune E. Koski Scholarship Fund. FFN gives a scholarship from this fund for one scholarship applicant per year from Oregon and Washington.

Katja was born in Santa Barbara, CA. The maternal side of her family lives in Finland, and she values the connection to her heritage that she has always had. She studies Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences at the Oregon State University Honors College and wants to go to veterinary school after graduating. She is involved with FFCPC and hopes to inspire young people to learn about and celebrate their Finnish heritage.

About the Aune E. Koski award: Aune E. Koski lived in Vancouver, Washington. She was a lively world traveler who lived into her 90’s. She baked pulla and made her own hand-drawn greeting cards. Aune even hosted her own 90th birthday party. Part of the evening’s program was Aune doing a song and dance skit (which she wrote) while wearing a fancy dress and feather boa. In her estate, she left the Aune E. Koski Scholarship Fund to our local FF chapter, the Columbia-Pacific Chapter (FFCPC). In November 2008, the FFCPC Board turned over the fund to FFN for administration.

Finns in the News highlights Reino Tarkianen

As part of our effort to focus on local Finns, this story is about a Reino Tarkianen and his wife Marilyn who own Finlandia Sauna. You can view the half-hour interview here.

Thanks to Adam and Kaija Perkiömäki for their hard work on making this possible.

Greg Jacob visits Finland

FFCPC President Greg Jacob went on his first trip ever to Finland this past summer. He thoughtfully kept a journal so the rest of us can read about it. See his journal and photos here.

Finlandia Foundation National

Two FFCPC Board members are also Trustees on Finlandia Foundation National Board. Dirk Schulbach has served as the Treasurer since 2014 and Katariina Lehtonen was elected in 2015. We are well represented! 


Päivi Kilpi-Cramer and Karjalanpiirakka

Päivi is the master baker within the Finnish community. All members and visitors to our events have tasted Päivi’s delicious baked goods. The February issue of Pamplin Media Group’s Lake Oswego Review published an article of Päivi demonstrating how to bake Karjalanpiirakka, Karelian Rice Pasties. A little lesson on Finnish language: the singular form of the word is karjalanpiirakka and plural is karjalanpiirakat. We are OK with the typo in the title of the article. Click here to read the article.  


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