About Finlandia Foundation Columbia-Pacific Chapter

Our Mission

Finlandia Foundation Columbia-Pacific Chapter (FFCPC)’s mission is to support and nurture Finnish and Finnish-American culture and traditions.

2024 Board of Directors

Heli Hatanpaa-Wetzel, President
Greg Jacob, Vice President
Ellen Harju, Treasurer
Mira Riska, Membership Secretary
Stephanie Piering, Recording Secretary
Renee’ Byrd, Publicity Secretary
Warren Bechtolt, Director
Jaana Beidler, Director
Oscar Harrskog, Director
Katariina Lehtonen-Harrskog, Director
Adam Perkiömäki, Director
Jukka Perkiömäki, Director
Claudia Valencia, Director


Brief History, Finlandia Foundation National

In March 2013, Finlandia Foundation National (FFN) celebrated its 60th Anniversary. The Anniversary Gala Dinner and Concert was held at The Westin Pasadena Hotel in California, and the keynote speaker was Finland’s Ambassador to the United States, Ritva Koukku-Ronde.

FFN was founded in 1953 at the residence of Yrjo Paloheimo and his wife Leonara in Pasadena California. Those present wanted to encourage preservation of Finnish traditions in the United States. The mission statement of FFN (revised in 2009) states, “To sustain both Finnish-American culture in the USA and the ancestral tie with Finland by raising funds for grants and scholarships, initiating innovative national programs, and networking with local chapters.” Today there are 45 chapters throughout the U.S. 

The current President is Ossi Rakkonen. FFN’s first president was Yrjo Paloheimo, who served in that role from 1953 to 1962, and the first chapter to be established was in Houston, Texas in January 1954. The Portland Chapter, Finlandia Foundation Columbia-Pacific Chapter (FFC-PC), was added July 14, 1954.

A thorough history of FNN appears in Black Ties and Miners’ Boots by Jon Saari, 2nd Ed., Finlandia Foundation National, 2010.

Finlandia Foundation National Columbia-Pacific Chapter

The Portland, Oregon Chapter of Finlandia Foundation National was founded July 14, 1954. At that time, it was called the Portland Chapter, and It was the eighth initially affiliated FFN chapter. The next FF Portland based chapter was started in the early to mid 80’s, called Finnish-American Literary Heritage Foundation. Its mission was to promote Finnish Literature and translations of Finnish language works into English. It was an active group for roughly ten years, and it would have booths at the various Finn Am festivals. It faded away by late 90’s. For a brief time, the Finnish-American Historical Society of the West took on the Finlandia Foundation representation for the area.

In November 2001 sixteen people gathered at Eila and Craig Chisholm’s house to discuss the formation of a new Finlandia Foundation Chapter. Satu Mikkola gave a comprehensive presentation on FNN, and those people present formed Finlandia Foundation Columbia-Pacific Chapter. The group was enthusiastic about the Memorial Sports Fund in Jaakko Tuominen’s memory, and they felt the chapter would bring life to the Finnish community in the area.

History of the Finnish Classroom

In 1955 President John F. Cramer of Portland State University wanted a living memorial to Finnish achievement in this area, so he appealed to Finlandia Foundation Columbia-Pacific Chapter (FFCPC) to help sponsor a “nationality classroom.” In a letter to Consul Gust Heikkilä, Cramer writes, “I would be most happy if the Finnish-American community of Oregon would accept the responsibility of furnishing such a room.” In May 1957 Dr. Vaino Hoover of Los Angeles and a native of Helsinki, enthusiastically endorsed the Finnish Room project, and under his guidance a working committee was organized that year. Much credit goes to John O. Virtanen, a member of the committee, in raising the financial support to see the project through. He helped raise over $12,000, and in the spring of 1959, the Finnish Room had a dedication ceremony in Cramer Hall at PSU.

In the spring of 2006, Professor Thomas Birnie of PSU World Languages Department challenged FFCPC to refurbish the Finnish Room, and a committee, chaired by Dave Alford, thoroughly cleaned the room from ceiling to floor, added new Nordic student desks, chairs, and storage. The room was rededicated on May 2, 2009.

Finnish Community Unveiled Independence Monument

The Finnish Community Unveiled Independence Monument
Saturday, January 6, 2018 at Nordia House in SW Portland.

In honor of the 100th anniversary of Finland’s independence from Russia, a 6 foot-tall, 2,200-pound piece of Finnish granite, the Finnish Independence Monument, was unveiled January 6, 2018 at a dedication ceremony at Nordia House, 8800 SW Oleson Road, Portland, Oregon. The Finnish community extended a warm welcome to the entire Nordic community to attend.

Three organizations sponsored the creation of the monument: Finlandia Foundation Columbia-Pacific Chapter (FFCPC), the Finnish American Historical Society of the West, and the Finnish Messiah Lutheran Church. Transportation costs of the monument from Finland were borne by Finlandia Sauna Products (Tigard). Individual donors helped pay for the installation.

The unveiling ceremony included music by Con Fuoco quartet with Marya Kazmierski, a speech by Vesa Vihavainen, Finland’s Honorary Consul in Oregon, a blessing by the pastor of the Finnish Church, Seppo Airas, and a presentation by Katariina Lehtonen, who spearheaded the monument project and served as Vice President of FFCPC.